Dal Pian Design | Brand
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Dal Pian Design is a Brand owned by the second generation of family-owner
of Vetrerie Dal Pian. The company has a main industrial history of over fifty years. Daniele and Diego Dal Pian leads the company with experience dynamics of entrepreneurial talent. They are constantly looking for innovative proposals of forward-looking and exclusive designs production. Eco-sustainability, respect for the craft and appreciation for art are at the center of every strategic decision. This is what guarantees uniqueness to each piece. Those are the same passions shared by the third generation already active in the family company.
Dal Pian Design lives and thrives with liveliness and immediacy of realization. The brand is determined to conceive an alternative way to Italian trends and a new expressed level of excellence, focusing on the analysis about the gained experience of Made in Italy top quality manufacture.

Dal Pian Design insists to manage the traditional values of design and technical impact thorough the study of materials and forms of advanced technologies. Meanings and forms are adapted to conceive the idea of the environmental adaptability, the load of intentions and of culture that the designer takes or frees in the creative process. Each piece is numbered and produced in limited series. Dal Pian Design is the spirit of the new Italian design in its highest achievements.


Le nostre protezioni in vetro pronte all'uso

(PRATICITÀ per uffici, aziende,...)

(STILE per ristoranti, hotel,...)